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Kidney disease or Kidney failure CRF

How Stem Cell Therapy Saves Patients with Kidney Failure

Stem cells are original cells that can differentiate into tissue functional cells. Abnormal creatinine level reflects kidney function decline (kidney cells necrosis), so stem cell treatment is conducted to replenish the absolute number of kidney cells to promote kidney function. Two types of stem cells will be used for kidney disease or kidney failure. One is for promoting kidney function, and another is to replenish effective blood volume to alleviate your decrease in HGB level. Adult stem cells are transfused into the body through intravenous drip, like blood transfusion, and then stem cells reach the kidneys through blood circulation. This conduction requires no surgical operation. One stem cell treatment takes about one hour.  

As mentioned above, stem cells reach the kidneys through blood circulation, which requires certain blood flow into kidneys or, in other words, certain remaining kidney function. Thousands of patients received stem cell therapy in our hospitals. The curative effect is closely related to patients remaining kidney function. For end stage kidney failure patients, this therapy helps them get rid of dialysis or reducing the frequency of dialysis. For early stage kidney failure patients, this therapy blocks kidney function from further decline and promotes and maintains kidney function to near normal level, so the patient can live a normal life without worrying about kidney function decline to end stage.

Stem Cells Therapy Offers New Hope for Kidney Disease Patients

Kidney failure or Renal failure is a serious medical condition where the kidneys fail to properly filter toxins and waste material from circulating blood. The two forms are acute and chronic where chronic kidney disease or health problems may cause renal failure. Problems associated with kidney problems include abnormal fluid and acid levels in the body, abnormal levels of potassium, calcium, phosphate. Long-term kidney problems have significant effects on other diseases, such as cardiovascular disease.

Stem Cell Treatment is the newest method in treating mild to end-stage kidney failure. Usually people with End-Stage Kidney Failure take to dialysis and kidney transplantation.  Stem cell treatment should be done before such drastic measures but can be done after and help patients off dialysis.

The stem cells have two characteristics: self- renew and differentiation. When Stem Cells Transplant into kidneys and human body, it will proliferate and differentiate into healthy immunocyte. The stem cells can rebuild your immune function, make your body produce antibodies, and express its immune function. So this pathogenic antibody was inhibited, so as to achieve the goal of regulating and controlling immune. At the same time, the stem cells constantly repair nephrocyte; the glomerular basement membranes also will be repaired. The symptoms such as urinary protein and occult blood will gradually disappear.

Stem Cell Treatment is characterized with safety, simpleness and effectiveness. Above all, there are no side effects with Stem Cell Treatment or harm to kidneys.

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