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Cartilage Damage

Stem cell treatment for Cartilage Damage

Cartilage damage is a painful condition that affects the knee joint and other joints of the body.  It is usually the result of trauma, sports or a fall. The cartilage damage can result in joint pain and swelling.

Most cases of cartilage damage that result in pain and swelling usually resolve without the need for surgery. However, cartilage damage may cause persistent pain and/or additional wear on the remaining knee surface(s) leading to early painful arthritis. 

Non-surgical treatments now available 

In the past, the treatment of cartilage injuries has had its limitations. Today, cartilage regeneration using the adult stem cell therapy via umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells (UCMSC) has made the treatment of complex cartilage injuries possible, especially at the knee joint. These degenerative changes to the joints occur when there is a breakdown of articular cartilage.

The stem cell treatment focuses on reducing the symptoms and chronic effects of the cartilage damage by either a direct injection of concentrated stem cells into the damaged knee or an arthroscopic debridement and stem cell implantation BioKnee procedure. Adult stem cell therapy promotes tissue healing through regeneration.

Self-regeneration is the ability of stem cells to divide and produce more stem cells, after stem cells are transplanted into the body and arrive into the injured part of the Cartilage being targeted for tissue regeneration, the stem cells are coming into contact with growth chemicals in the body.  These chemicals program the stem cells to grow into the tissue surrounding it, and reach optimal therapeutic effect after 3 to 6 months.

Stem cell therapy offers the safest and most effective treatment alternative for Cartilage damage and it is quickly becoming a preferred treatment in Asia. TrueView Biotech offers unique access to the best stem cell therapies available at leading medical facilities.

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